Improving Workplace Inclusion with Assistive Technology

Group of five people in a meeting room setting. They are in active conversation, with two people high-fiving and the group smiling to depict workplace inclusion. There are two laptops on the desk in front of users.

When organisations promote Assistive Technology (AT) in the workplace they gain many benefits. AT promotes better inclusion and safety while increasing workplace productivity. And it does this by boosting the functional capability of employees with disabilities and neurodivergence.

AT refers to a range of tools, software, and systems that help users who have disabilities or impairments gain parity with their peers. Caption.Ed Enterprise is a key piece of AT software designed to help organisations unlock the benefits of increased access and better workplace inclusion. 

Data suggests 23% of the UK workforce has a disability and around half are employed. But once they deploy AT into working cultures and environments, employers can expect to achieve 4x higher workplace engagement and higher rates of productivity. 

To explain more, we’ll review some of the benefits of Assistive Technology in the workplace and how a Caption.Ed Enterprise license could help you and your teams.    

Broader Benefits of Assistive Technology in the Workplace

Deploying Assistive Technology in the workplace can uncover many benefits for your team: 

  • Increased liminality and a reduction in the number of times employees experience their disability
  • Provides employees with tailored support that meets their needs.
  • Boosts employee wellbeing and satisfaction.
  • Promotes moral, social, and economic equality – research shows disability employment leaders gain 30% higher profit margins than their competitors
  • Reduces stigma and leads to a more accepting workplace.
  • Offers more control when managing a remote workforce.
  • Available to individuals or as a site-wide license for all staff.

What is Caption.Ed Enterprise?

Caption.Ed Enterprise is an organisational license that gives everyone access Caption.Ed. Employees working across remote, hybrid, and in-person environments can turn on live captioning, transcription, and note-taking tools wherever they are. And when they do, it can normalise the use of AT while reducing stigma for the people who need it.

A Caption.Ed Enterprise plan starts at a minimum of 5 ‘seats’. Not only does it offer greater control over usage but it offers key features such as access management, visibility of usage, extra security options, and more targeted support. It makes it easier to allocate and deallocate users while reviewing usage analytics at a glance. A single sign-on security offers convenience and peace of mind plus you’ll receive a dedicated Customer Success Manager to maximise your usage and help you gain the benefits you’re trying to achieve.

So, what is Caption.Ed? 

Caption.Ed is a captioning and note-taking tool that offers highly accurate real-time captions for live and pre-recorded media and face-to-face conversations. Users can annotate captions and highlight key pieces of information as they happen, through presentations, facetime calls, and in-person meetings. Plus, they get a full transcript and video/audio recording they can return to for reference at any time.

Caption.Ed offers customer support to all software users, including fast and instant messaging support via WhatsApp.

5 Key Benefits of an Enterprise License

Once you get a Caption.Ed Enterprise license into your organisation, you’ll open up a wide range of benefits for you and your staff. It’s a key vehicle for introducing Assistive Technology (AT) in the workplace and offers many benefits. We’ve picked out five of the most salient key features to showcase this in detail.

1. Removes workplace barriers and increases accessibility

SMEs and larger organisations can improve rates of engagement and inclusion straight away with a Caption.Ed Enterprise license. It’s the ‘Gold Standard’ packaging combining every feature of our Pro and Lite packages. And that means all your staff can increase accessibility through live captioning and video recordings from their desktops and mobiles.

2. Increased productivity and wellbeing

Deploying Caption.Ed Enterprise for all employees will help them feel a better sense of connection. And this is especially useful to help a remote workforce stay more focused and in control during team meetings. 

With Caption.Ed taking up their note-taking responsibilities, they’ll free up time to engage in a meeting in more meaningful ways. And this increased sense of control and extra support will also have a big impact on their productivity and wellbeing.     

3. Enhanced user management and security

While Caption.Ed provides its users with a greater sense of control, Caption.Ed Enterprise gives organisations a better sense of control too. With enhanced user management, you get to assign who gets use of Caption.Ed or not. Plus, with a single sign-on, organisations receive higher rates of security and peace of mind over workforce usage.

4. Analytics dashboards and data reporting

A Caption. Ed Enterprise license is a key form of Assistive Technology (AT) in the workplace offering full access to analytics dashboards that can help you stay on track of user activity. You can use them to track the number of users and individual weekly usage.

And while this is important from a user management perspective, it’s also useful to drive continuous improvement. By reviewing usage and performance, you’ll gain useful insights on what’s most useful to your workforce when they use Caption.Ed.

A graphic showing an example of a designed view of 'organisation admin' in Caption.Ed for enterprise

5. Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Organisations that take out an Enterprise license will receive their own dedicated Customer Success Manager. Drawing from their technical and practical knowledge of the tool, a customer success manager will be there to help with set-up and implementation, run organization-wide training, and help you get the most out of the software.

Having a Customer Success Manager on hand to answer any question and support your success will help you reap the benefits much faster. Their dedicated approach can help you position Caption.Ed as a key piece of Assistive Technology in the workplace while achieving a fast impact from the software.

Find out how a Caption.Ed Enterprise license could help you

Caption.Ed Enterprise is a key piece of Assistive Technology in the workplace. And the best way to understand the impact of this software is to speak to our sales team. Just fill in a quick quote form and a member of the team will be in touch.

The key thing is that Enterprise pricing is unique to every organisation. You may be an SMB or a larger organisation. You could have dedicated disability initiatives or unique propositions for neurodivergent teams. And, if so, Caption.Ed will support your efforts to increase inclusion and drive higher productivity. By normalising captioning and note-taking software, you’ll boost employees’ focus, wellbeing, and promote safer work environments. Ones that are flexible, supportive, and where staff can thrive in their roles.

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