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Note-taking with Caption.Ed

Daniel Wheeler Dimensions UK

A photo of Daniel Wheeler. He is wearing a cream t shirt, has a beard and dark blonde hair. He is wearing glasses and smiling into the camera.

Daniel Wheeler, a Resourcing Coordinator at Dimensions, a UK-based non-profit organisation supporting people with learning disabilities, autism, and complex health needs, has found a transformative tool in Caption.Ed.

Born deaf and using a cochlear implant, Daniel faced significant communication challenges in his professional life. However, Caption.Ed has changed that, becoming an essential part of his daily routine.

It makes me feel equal. That’s the most important bit.

“Caption.Ed allows me to just do my job, basically,” Daniel explains.

He uses the software to take minutes during meetings he hosts, enabling him to focus on leading the discussions without worrying about missing critical details.

By having the minutes of the meeting taken care of, Daniel can revisit them post-meeting and pick up anything that he didn’t catch during the meeting itself. This is especially crucial for him when it comes to details like email addresses, often recited letter-by-letter. Daniel explains that his brain finds processing information given in this way very difficult. With Caption.Ed, these details are captured seamlessly in the background.

Caption.Ed has significantly boosted Daniel’s confidence.

It empowers him to recall and use important information later, making his job more manageable and efficient. “It makes me feel equal – that’s the most important bit,” he says. The software’s ability to prevent others from immediately recognising that he is deaf during calls has been particularly impactful.

I don't want to be treated differently. That's why Caption.Ed is there to help me.

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