Caption.Ed Pro
For captioning + note-taking

Caption.Ed makes education more accessible to students with additional needs. It allows them to create live captions for any media and lecture on their Mac or Windows computer

Captions help improve how students process and absorb information, whether they’re deaf, have hearing loss, are neurodivergent, or just trying to keep up in lectures and meetings.

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Caption.Ed Pro Demo Video
(With Music)

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1.46 mins

This short video shows you exactly how Caption.Ed Pro works and takes you step-by-step through using the software.

Caption.Ed Pro Demo Video
(Without Music)

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1.46 mins

This is the same demo video but is a version without background music so as to minimise distraction for the viewer.

Caption.Ed Pro Overview Presentation


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Justification Tool

Use our handy justification tool to get help with a justification for a specific need


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Why students love

We’ve put together a justification document detailing how Caption.Ed helps students

System requirements

Need to know what system requirements are needed for Caption.Ed?

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