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Add captions to any live or pre-recorded media, or even face to face conversations.
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Refine the captions to the vocabulary you use, either by language, accent or subject.
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No need to worry about lag! With Caption.Ed, words appear as they're spoken.
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Customise the captions to your visual preference, that's screen location, size and colour.
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Generate a fully editable transcript for everything you caption, which you can edit and download in a variety of formats..
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Generate live captions

Whether you attend meetings online or in-person, make them more accessible with live captions.

Upload videos and audio recordings

Want to make something pre-recorded more accessible? Just upload the file to generate captions.

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Caption.Ed has completely changed the way I am able to learn. I use it to watch all my lectures now and there is no more confusion with what lecturers are actually saying.
I was amazed at how easy it was to transcribe and edit audio. Compared to software I’ve used previously, Caption.Ed cut down transcription time by a good three-quarters.

Caption.Ed immediately made a difference. It created much more liminality for me instead of making me have to try and speculate as to what missing words were.

I would 100% recommend Caption.Ed to another university. The accuracy, the fact its timely, configurable and all the great things we’ve spoken about today make it a vital part of our university

Works where you do

Caption.Ed works on any device and is compatible with Zoom, Teams, YouTube, Blackboard, Panopto, Echo360, and so much more!

Customisable for better accessibility

The light, dark, and sepia themes in Caption.Ed improve readability for the needs of users.

Highly accurate

Caption.Ed users swear by the accuracy of our speech-to-text captions, even for captioning super complex terminology.

Not just captions

You can edit and download your captions as transcripts and effortlessly create time-stamped notes - how cool is that?

The Caption.Ed user interface with the captions: Easily review, edit and download your transcripts as multiple file types, including .vtt, .srt, .docx & .txt. Instantly copy transcript highlights to your notes.

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