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Being truly present for meetings or lectures can mean battling information overload. Caption.Ed helps you take meaningful notes, effortlessly so you can be fully present.
Caption.Ed provides real-time captions for what is said in your meetings, lectures or seminars, whether they're in-person or online.
Add notes alongside your captions and highlight important information as it's said.
Go back and list to your session, alongside the transcript and synced with any notes you made. Make edits and export as required.

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Caption.Ed has completely changed the way I am able to learn. I use it to watch all my lectures now and there is no more confusion with what lecturers are actually saying.
I was amazed at how easy it was to transcribe and edit audio. Compared to software I’ve used previously, Caption.Ed cut down transcription time by a good three-quarters.

Caption.Ed immediately made a difference. It created much more liminality for me instead of making me have to try and speculate as to what missing words were.

I would 100% recommend Caption.Ed to another university. The accuracy, the fact its timely, configurable and all the great things we’ve spoken about today make it a vital part of our university

The Caption.Ed user interface, with captions from a Biology lecture about DNA. You can see that the user has made notes during the session, which are timestamped to the captions.

Highlight the things that matter to you

Add timestamped notes against your captions in real-time, flag key information as important, and upload additional media such as slides or images to support your note-taking.

Review your notes with ease

Caption.Ed allows you to revisit past sessions so you can go back over the notes you made, make any revisions necessary, and export the information you need in a variety of file formats.

Find key info, instantly!

Your notes are automatically time stamped against your transcript. This means you can click on a note you've made and skip straight to that part of the recording, allowing you to review what was said with ease!

The Caption.Ed interface with the red 'Live Captions' signal button at the top, and notes marked as important. The notes state: Prioritise your thought process by flagging your most important captions.

Heard something important? Flag it!

With this feature, you can flag a section of dialogue within your session as important. Great for when you need to go back and review key moments from your meetings or lectures.

Full transcripts

With the Caption.Ed Lite and Caption.Ed Pro packages, you can get captions and a full transcript of what was said!

The Caption.Ed transcript editor with the text: You can download your transcripts and also sync notes to them, either during your session or once you've finished recording. Adding notes helps you better recall what was said and why it was important. Edit and download your transcripts as multiple file types such as .vtt, .txt, .srt or .docx.

Upload additional media

Want to add more context to your notes? You can! Upload slides in the Notes Editor to review your notes, transcript and the recording against the slides from your lecture or meeting.

No transcript? No problem!

With the Caption.Ed Notes plan, you get use of the note-taking features with a visualisation of the audio rather than a transcription. Perfect if you just need notes on their own!

The Caption.Ed Notes Editor functionality on mobile. The text states: Making notes is simple. So is adding formatting. Take notes on the move with the new mobile app!

On desktop and mobile

Take notes, anywhere! Caption.Ed is available on both desktop or mobile. You'll find the app on both the App Store and Google Play so you can take notes on the go.

Works where you do

Caption.Ed works on any device and with Zoom, Teams, YouTube, Blackboard, Panopto, Echo360, and so much more!

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