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About the scheme

Access to Work is a government-funded grant scheme to help people with disabilities – and those with a physical or mental health condition – to start or stay in work.

The grant can help pay for specialist software – such as Caption.Ed, adapted equipment, a support worker or travel expenses to and from work depending on the needs of the employee.

If an Access to Work assessor has recommended Caption.Ed, you’re in the right place!

How to claim your funding

1 Apply

Head over to the government website and follow their application process

2 Assessment

DWP refers employee for an assessment and, with employee permission, contacts the employer to notify them of the application

3 Approval

Once approved, the employer arranges the agreed support and claims the cost back. They will provide you with a purchase order no.

4 Place the order

Head back to us at Caption.ed and give us your details including the purchase order no.

Northern Ireland has a different system to support people with disabilities at work

The level of Access to Work funding
depends on the size of your business.

Small Businesses

Small businesses generally don’t pay anything - Access to Work will normally meet 100% of the costs of any adaptations, equipment or training for small businesses (less than 50 employees).

Medium-sized businesses

Medium-sized businesses may have to meet a small proportion of the cost-for existing employees only. You will only have to share the cost for special aids and equipment, or adaptations to premises or equipment. Access to Work normally covers 100% of the cost of travel and support workers.

In all cases, Access to Work normally pays grants of up to 100% for any new employees (someone who has been in the role for 6 weeks or less).

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