Caption.Ed Notes for assessors

Caption.Ed Notes is the perfect note-taking solution for students any students who require any kind of note-taking support.

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All the information you need to ensure your Caption.Ed recommendation is accepted following an assessment.

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Caption.Ed Notes Product Demo

Need to demo Caption.Ed Notes to a student? This 2 minute video shows users exactly how Caption.Ed works and takes them on a step-by-step tour of the product. And if you want to watch a version without background music, you can head over to the Caption.Ed YouTube channel.

Visit Caption.Ed’s YouTube channel

Notes vs Pro: What’s the difference?

Looking for clarity on the feature differences between Caption.Ed Notes and Caption.Ed Pro, including who you can recommend the software to? In this video, Elza explains everything you need to know in under two minutes.

You can also download our Notes vs Pro Guide using the button below.

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Recommendation Guide

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System Requirements

There are minimum system requirements in order to get the most from Caption.Ed Notes. Learn more about its compatibility by downloading the system requirements documentation.

Caption.Ed Notes Features

Caption.Ed Notes can be recommended to any student requiring note-taking software
Take notes which are timestamped against your audio
Mark something as important at the click of a button - easy!
Adjust the text size and note-taking window of Caption.Ed to suit your preferences
Did you know Caption.Ed is available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android?
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I would 100% recommend Caption.Ed to another university. The accuracy, the fact its timely, configurable and all the great things we’ve spoken about today make it a vital part of our university


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Caption.Ed immediately made a difference. It created much more liminality for me instead of making me have to try and speculate as to what missing words were.

Dr James Shea

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I was amazed at how easy it was to transcribe and edit audio. Compared to software I’ve used previously, Caption.Ed cut down transcription time by a good three-quarters.



Caption.Ed has completely changed the way I am able to learn. I use it to watch all my lectures now and there is no more confusion with what lecturers are actually saying.


Want to know more?

When should you be recommending Caption.ed Notes? What features does it have? How can it help users? All your questions are answered in these presentation slides. And if you still have questions, feel free to book a meeting with the team.