10 reasons why you should attend CareScribe’s Skill Sessions

Skill Sessions event image showing logo and visual of women at event smiling

CareScribe, the team behind Caption.Ed and TalkType, is delighted to present Skill Sessions.

The secret is officially out in the open. Skill Sessions is finally here!

What is Skill Sessions?

But what is ‘Skill Sessions’, I hear you say!

Skill Sessions is a brand new series of in-person community events designed to boost knowledge across different areas of disability or neurodiversity.

Each event will bring together like-minded professionals and assessors interested in upskilling and enhancing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) in their organisation. To launch the first Skill Sessions event on 27 April, we’ll be in central Manchester spotlighting hearing awareness.

Here are ten good reasons why you should book a place:

1. Learn and upskill

At each Skill Session, there will be a bespoke learning opportunity and knowledge sharing from industry experts. Joining the Hearing Awareness event, we have the team from Sign Solutions delivering deaf awareness training – a chance to better support those who are deaf / have hearing loss within your organisation.

As a bonus, you’ll gain a CPD certificate for participating.

2. Get inspired

There’s nothing quite like hearing the stories of others. We’re honoured to be joined by the brilliant Andy Eachus, Digital Skills Trainer (AT and Accessibility) within Higher Education. Andy will kick off the event, sharing his experience living with a hearing impairment.

This isn’t the first time we’ve had the privilege of hosting Andy. At Caption.Ed Live (CareScribe’s online event) Andy talked about inclusive teaching strategies face-to-face and online.

Watch the recording here: Improving access in higher education for students with deafness or hearing loss. 

Later in the day, Ian Mortimer from exhibitor Phonak will share ‘Well-hearing is well-being’, delving into the growing body of evidence that links successful hearing outcomes with social-emotional, cognitive and physical health and overall well-being.

Meet the Skill Session Speakers

3. Expand your network

It’s increasingly rare these days to be networking in person. We think there’s nothing quite like it!

Meet and mingle with wonderful people across the UK, all passionate about improving opportunities for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I). 

Skill Sessions event CTA

4. Assistive tech in action

Get access to the latest updates in person from CareScribe’s assistive technology Caption.Ed and TalkType and Skill Session’s exhibitor Phonak. 

Meet the people behind the tech, ask questions, and get hands-on time with the products.

5. Support RNID

Every ticket purchased (excluding Eventbrite’s booking fee) will support the fantastic work of RNID, a National hearing loss charity. They do incredible things to help make society more inclusive for everyone, helping people hear better now and funding world-class research.

6. Exciting venue & free exhibition

Nestled in Spinningfields in the heart of Manchester’s city centre, the People’s History Museum is a beautiful space to spend the day. Wander to the museum gallery over lunchtime to visit the exhibition for free: Nothing About Us Without Us, a landmark exhibition exploring the history of disabled people’s activism and the ongoing fight for rights and inclusion.

7. A day away from your desk

Break up your everyday routine and spend a day away from the office. Get energised and motivated, actively investing in your learning and networking opportunities.

8. Good food

The Open Kitchen Manchester is Manchester’s leading sustainable catering company. And guess what? They’ll provide delicious refreshments throughout the day to keep us going.

9. After Party

Whatever your choice of tipple, after the main event, relax and enjoy some informal time with the other attendees and speakers at the Skill Sessions After Party. Whether you fancy a beer or something non-alcoholic, we’ll ensure the bar is well supplied.

10. Join a supportive community

Part of what will make Skill Sessions unique is people, aka you!

Come and be part of the Skill Sessions community, share knowledge and collaborate with like-minded professionals passionate about improving awareness of neurodiversity and disabilities.

So, what are you waiting for?

Take a browse through the full agenda and book your place here.