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How does it work?

Add captions instantly to your meetings, lectures or seminars, either in-person or online.

You can also add timestamped notes, synced to your transcript, and highlight key information so you never miss out on the important stuff.



Instant captions anywhere

Add live captions to any meeting or media, in-person or online. Caption.Ed is available as both a desktop and mobile app so you can even take it with you on the go!

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Downloadable transcripts

Easily edit and download a transcript of your session to help you remember what was discussed!

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An example of what Caption.Ed Notes looks like in the software.

Effortless note-taking

Being present in a meeting or lecture and taking meaningful notes is challenging. Use Caption.Ed to take better notes alongside your session recordings, and revisit your notes afterwards to review what was said and why it mattered.

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Caption.Ed has completely changed the way I am able to learn. I use it to watch all my lectures now and there is no more confusion with what lecturers are actually saying.
I was amazed at how easy it was to transcribe and edit audio. Compared to software I’ve used previously, Caption.Ed cut down transcription time by a good three-quarters.

Caption.Ed immediately made a difference. It created much more liminality for me instead of making me have to try and speculate as to what missing words were.

I would 100% recommend Caption.Ed to another university. The accuracy, the fact its timely, configurable and all the great things we’ve spoken about today make it a vital part of our university

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