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The Caption.Ed app is compatible with both iOS and Android
Record your in-person meetings, lectures and seminars whilst on the go. View captions on your screen in real time, add notes, and review later.
Want to listen back to an old conversation? No problem!
All App action is synced with your Caption.Ed account

Record anywhere

Caption and record your meetings, lectures, and seminars on the go. See captions in real-time, add your own annotations, highlight important information, and listen back later.


Caption face-to-face

Use the Caption.Ed mobile app to get real-time transcripts of anything spoken into your device. Useful for in-person lectures, meetings or even a conversation across the lunch table!

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Take notes on the go

Make reviewing your transcripts more meaningful by adding notes whilst you are out and about


Super syncing

The Caption.Ed mobile app syncs with your main account. You can easily access your recordings, transcripts, and notes when you’re back at your computer


Accessibility focused

Switch between light, dark, and sepia mode in order to customise the appearance of your Caption.Ed mobile app so it’s easier for you to read.

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The Caption.Ed mobile app is available on iOs and Android phones!

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