13 Best Accessibility Blogs to Follow

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If you work in a field that relates to accessibility or disability you can stay on top of all the latest news by following the best accessibility blogs.  

Accessibility blogs provide a very useful resource that will expand your knowledge of the needs of users. But they also help you see what more you could be doing to increase accessibility. And since we’re always talking about how captions increase accessibility for learners, we also want to share other knowledge sources in the form of accessibility blogs. 

So, this is our hand-picked selection of thirteen of the best accessibility blogs. In each, you’ll find guides, updates, resources and training to help boost your knowledge and improve accessibility.

Our pick of the best accessibility blogs:

The A11Y Project 

First on our list is The A11Y project. And why is it called that? Well, a11y is a numeronym for accessibility. And it’s often used in Twitter hashtags for any updates relating to improving online accessibility. The A11Y project offers a rich repository of information, they also coordinate a community of accessibility experts and offer resources like ‘The Bootcampers Guide to Accessibility’. 

Ability Net

Ability Net is a UK charity which is having a real impact on accessibility across the globe. In Ability Net’s recent impact report, over 80% of the people said they could use technology better after working with Ability Net. 

Accessibility in Government

Accessibility in Government is an initiative designed by the Governmental Digital Service. And it’s a way for anyone in any government department to make their voice heard. Topics covered are far and wide-reaching. And they include schemes like accessibility book clubs, giving communities a chance to learn more about the impact of accessibility for people who are disabled.  

Accessibility Works

This is a web accessibility and ADA Compliance blog that makes websites more compliant. They have over 20 years of experience in website development and digital marketing. And blog topics include ADA mobile accessibility compliance requirements. 

The Big Hack

The Big Hack is a dedicated accessibility site run by disability charity Scope. And it includes a range of articles, guides, and resources for web design and UX developers. Plus, we love that it offers help for businesses who want to increase accessibility.  

Bruce Lawson

Bruce Lawson is a Birmingham-based web developer and former member of Web Standard’s Projects Accessibility Task Force. In other words, he knows his stuff about web development and accessibility. And along with his blog posts, Bruce collates web accessibility resources from around the globe. 

Bureau of Internet Accessibility

The US Bureau of Internet Accessibility runs a blog offering helpful updates and advice. Topics range from ‘6 Accessibility Issues that Google Can Miss’ to advice on keeping all web content in line with the latest WCAG guidelines.

Carie Fisher

No, this isn’t the late actress who played Princess Leia in Star Wars. Carie Fisher is a US-based author, trainer, researcher and developer with a passion for digital accessibility. And she has one of the best personal accessibility blogs around. 

Diversity & Ability

We’re big fans of the Diversity & Ability website, which is an award-winning social enterprise led by and for disabled people. It has a great blog which is regularly updated, a ton of resources listed on its site and a newsletter so you can get the latest content dropped straight into your inbox.


Canadian-based Equidox helps you make PDF documents more accessible. And with their mission placed at the centre of their work, Equidox also offers PDF accessibility software and a helpful accessibility blog you can follow

Paul J Adam

A web & mobile accessibility consultant based in Austin, Texas, Paul J Adam is a co-organiser of the Austin Accessibility and Inclusive Design Meetup. Paul’s website offers plenty of resources and help for any web-based digital accessibility needs. 

Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) 

This is the dedicated blog page from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). So it has all the latest updates and features to review. Plus, it’s one of the most essential accessibility blogs and a must for anyone working in this area. 

Web Aim Blog

Web Aim offers accessibility training, consulting, and evaluation. But the best thing is that they run one of the most comprehensive accessibility blogs available

So that’s it – our round-up of recommended accessibility blogs. We hope you’ll enjoy staying updated with these resources. And if you’re a leader in accessibility, you’ll also want the most accessible captioning software. So head over to our offers page where you can get a free trial of Caption.Ed and try it out for yourself. 

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