Bett 2023: Behind the Scenes

A photo of a large audience at a Bett stage at Bett UK 2022.

This April, Caption.Ed is partnering with Bett, the world’s biggest education technology exhibition, as their official Theatre Accessibility Partner. This means that for the first time ever at BETT, 35,000+ attendees will have access to live captions for all of BETT’s content across 11 stages, making the talks more accessible for attendees.

An enormous amount of work has gone into preparing for the Bett show, and we wanted to take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on the brilliant team at CareScribe that has been working behind the scenes to make it happen. We managed to pull our Product Team, Caroline and Kat, for a quick catch-up about what everyone’s been up to in the lead-up to Bett. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

The big question: why are we partnering with Bett this year?

Partnering with Bett is a fantastic opportunity for both Bett and CareScribe. Our partnership means we’re able to leverage our amazing software to increase accessibility for every single attendee.”

Caroline, Director of Product

Alongside being able to watch captions appear on their device as they’re spoken, attendees will also be able to add notes timestamped to their transcript and be able to quickly mark sections of the talk as important. Both the transcript of the talk and the notes are saved in Caption.Ed for 30 days after Bett, ready for attendees to revisit after the event.

“A large percentage of people use captioning when watching Netflix – and this is the conference equivalent of that in that it allows people to have that focus. So, if an attendee has a hearing impairment, or they’re sitting far from the speaker and want more clarity, Caption.Ed can provide them with this.”

Kat, Junior Product Owner

Providing live captions and note-taking functionality means that everyone in the audience, regardless of disability or learning difference, can make the most out of their Bett experience and immerse themselves in the talks with the confidence that they’ll be able to take all their notes and learnings home with them. Not to mention, attendees can join from any device, whether that be a phone, tablet or laptop.

Next up: who’s responsible for bringing the Bett project to life?

“The amazing thing about supporting large exhibitions such as Bett is that it includes every single team in the business. And actually, it’s really interesting because the team ethic around ensuring such a great fit event on home turf is a big success from every part of the business has been phenomenal.”

Caroline, Director of Product

This is what makes CareScribe such a special place to work. Everyone from the Design Team, to the Engineering Team, Sales Team, Customer Support Team, User Experience Team and Marketing have all pulled together for months of collaboration.

This big event has made it obvious how much everyone cares. I’m working closest with the Dev (Engineering) Team and see them working away every day, and it’s obvious how much everyone cares about making this a good experience for everyone.”

Kat, Junior Product Owner
Bett 2023: Behind the Scenes, Caption.Ed
A large number of people in the Caption.Ed office to help test the user experience of the software.

It’s safe to say the whole team is bursting with excitement for Bett this year and can’t wait to support the show in making the talks more accessible for all attendees. For those attending this year, we hope you have a truly memorable experience. We look forward to seeing you there!