Caption.Ed announced as Theatre Accessibility Partner for Bett UK

The title 'Caption.Ed partnership announcement' with an image of the Bett logo to the right and a photo of people at a previous Bett event below.

The news is finally out: Caption.Ed is partnering with Bett UK as their Theatre Accessibility Partner!

Attendees will be able to use Caption.Ed across 10 of Bett’s stages to generate live captions of each talk and take notes timestamped against their transcript. Plus, Steven Bartlett will be one of the keynote speakers at the event, so this is truly not one to miss.

Caption.Ed announced as Theatre Accessibility Partner for Bett UK, Caption.Ed
A photo from a previous talk at Bett, with the lighting dimmed and panel speakers talking on the large stage.

Bett is the global community for education technology. Its mission is to drive positive change in education by putting the latest advancements in technology and inspiring speakers at the forefront of their EdTech exhibitions. Described as one of the world’s biggest events in education, the event brings together some of the greatest minds in education from across the globe.

Over 30,000 attendees will be attending Bett UK across three days, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with such an incredible organisation.

So, why are we partnering with Bett, you ask? Caption.Ed’s mission is to make the event as inclusive and accessible as possible by providing attendees with the opportunity to access highly accurate live captioning, allow them to highlight important information from the talks at the click of a button, and even add their own annotations to their text transcript. This means that all attendees, regardless of learning difference or disability, can fully access the event content and take their learnings from the event home with them. 

Caption.Ed announced as Theatre Accessibility Partner for Bett UK, Caption.Ed
A photo of a girl at Bett, writing the name ‘Samsung’ on a large whiteboard.

If you’re not already bursting at the seams with excitement like we are, then take a look at what Bett said about the partnership:

“We are so excited to welcome Caption.Ed as our Theatre Accessibility Partner for Bett 2023. Just as accessibility & inclusion in the classroom is a key priority for the EdTech community, Bett is committed to ensuring that all visitors can gain meaningful learning experiences at the show by providing access to captioning services across all of our content theatres. Working with organisations such as Caption.Ed enables us to fully include everyone within the Bett ecosystem in a joint mission to transform education.”

Emily Colyer, Senior Content Producer, Bett Global

Bring on Bett 2023, we can’t wait to see you there!