Featured Business Management Student – Jack Worley

Featured Business Management Student – Jack Worley, Caption.Ed

Meet Jack Worley. He’s a Business Management student at Edge Hill University with a focus on Human Resources Management. Jack first came across Caption.Ed when the University Library in conjunction with disability services recommended the software.

“I have used other products before, but the uniqueness of Caption.Ed is that you get the written transcript in addition to the live captioning, which is fantastic. I’m also really impressed by its accuracy, which is about 99% in my experience. I use Caption.Ed for all my lectures now.”

Jack attributes Caption.Ed to helping him study more effectively by giving him the technology he didn’t have access to previously.

“There is no doubt I can study more effectively. I tend to watch the live lecture with captioning and review the transcript at the same time which gives me a much better understanding of subject. For example, when I was watching the module for international labour markets, I would look at the transcript while listening to the audio and start highlighting the key points which were important and which sections I could use for an assessment.”

Caption.Ed will soon be launching an exciting new study notes feature which Jack has given his input on.

“Having an editable notes section would be such a great feature. If Caption.Ed can automatically generate a summary of all the important information and download that against a separate set of notes it would just provide fantastic accessibility. It would be beneficial to anyone, not just someone with an impairment.”

Jack is one of the top users of Caption.Ed at Edge Hill University and would highly recommend it.

Did you know that many UK universities now provide access to Caption.Ed to their students? If you’re a university student and looking to see if you can access Caption.Ed at your uni, you can find out more here.

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