Featured Engineering Student – Chris Wells

Featured Engineering Student – Chris Wells, Caption.Ed

Every year, over 60,000 students with a disability or learning differences apply through UCAS to study at a university or college in the UK. They will access a range of support to help them succeed with their studies, day-to-day activities, travel, and lifestyle. Caption.Ed is one piece of software making a big difference in the disability space for university students across the UK.

Chris Wells in a third-year student at the University of Sheffield. He is studying Engineering with a specialisation in Mechanical Engineering. Chris discovered Caption.Ed after receiving an email from the university’s disability team offering a trial to students, so he quickly snapped up the offer.

“I find Caption.Ed really useful for Zoom meetings, and the downloadable transcripts are great.”

Chris has also received some extra, yet unexpected benefits from using Caption.Ed.

“An interesting benefit I’ve come across is when you are listening to certain lecturers where English isn’t their first language, and there can be some difficulty in understanding thick accents or the pronunciation of certain words. The upside of the transcript version is that it is transcribed perfectly, and gives you a better understanding of what is being said.”

Did you know that many UK universities now provide access to Caption.Ed to their students? If you’re a university student and looking to see if you can access Caption.Ed at your uni, you can find out more here.

If you work at a university are want to explore how Caption.Ed can help you and your students find out more information here or get in touch with us at [email protected].