Featured Natural Sciences Student – Charlotte Barrett

Featured Natural Sciences Student – Charlotte Barrett, Caption.Ed

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, online learning has become more centric in people’s lives. While the shift to online offers an appealing level of flexibility, for many students with different learning needs, one size often doesn’t always fit all. Caption.Ed has helped to simplify online learning, making it easier for dedicated students like Charlotte Barrett.

Charlotte is a full-time student at The University of Cambridge. She is studying Natural Sciences with a specialisation in Biology and she has big hopes to work in this field someday. Charlotte reached out to her disability student advisor when she was having trouble understanding lectures clearly.

“I was struggling to keep up with lecturers and sometimes just trying to figure out what they were saying was a real challenge. The difficulty with online learning is that you can’t just go up to the lecturer after the class ends and ask them to clarify what they were saying.”

Charlotte’s advisor immediately recommended Caption.Ed as an obvious solution.

“Caption.Ed has completely changed the way I am able to learn. I use it to watch all my lectures now and there is no more confusion with what lecturers are actually saying. I also download transcripts to help me understand and clarify points that I may have missed. I find it really helpful in this respect.”

Did you know that many UK universities now provide access to Caption.Ed to their students? If you’re a university student and looking to see if you can access Caption.Ed at your uni, you can find out more here.

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