Featured Natural Sciences Student – Mike Lei

An avatar of a student at St Andrews University

According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency, there are currently 485,645 international students pursuing their degree in the UK. Mike is one of these international students working hard to complete his Computer Science degree at the University of St Andrews. He decided to study at St Andrew’s because of their excellent computer science programme, he also felt that the lovely, small town near the ocean would be a beautiful place to live.

Mike first heard about Caption.Ed when he received an email from student services offering the software to any students interested, so he promptly signed up.

“With everything moving to online learning I thought that Caption.Ed would be really helpful with my lessons. I tend to use it in Microsoft Teams mostly, for live captioning especially for lab sessions, it helps me a lot with understanding lessons.”

For many international students, English isn’t their first language so a product like Caption.Ed can really assist with overall comprehension and learning efficiency.

“I’m okay with listening to live lectures but honestly sometimes I get confused so I would turn up the volume really loud in the effort to follow lectures better. I also have difficulty understanding certain accents. But Caption.Ed helps me get clarification with what is being said.”

Feedback received from most people using Caption.Ed is that it has transformed the way they learn, giving their studying abilities a real boost.

“Before Caption.Ed I’d do my best by listening intently to see if I could pick things up better. Then I would watch the recorded lectures, but this makes the studying process twice as long. So now I can use the live captioning feature to streamline everything. I really like the software; I find it so helpful. I’ve also recommended it to a friend who studies at Cambridge University.”

Some new and exciting features which will soon benefit international students include the Caption.Ed translate feature which offers live translation captioning for a handful of languages.

If you work at a university are want to explore how Caption.Ed can help you and your students find out more information here or get in touch with us at [email protected].