How Does Caption.Ed Support Better and More Inclusive Client Meetings?

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Anyone in the private or public sector knows how important it is to run professional, inclusive, and productive client meetings. But there may be instances where attendees have neurodivergent conditions or disabilities. And without the help of captioning or note-taking tools, they could find it harder to participate. 

This is where Caption.Ed comes in. It’s live captioning, transcription, and note-taking software that works across all online and in-person meetings. And it can help to boost inclusion and productivity in your client meetings. 

To explain more about the benefits of using Caption.Ed in your client meetings, let’s review some details in this post. 

What is Caption.Ed and What Does it Do?

Caption.Ed is captioning, transcription, and note-taking assistive technology that improves accessibility in the workplace. And it can do this by taking the role of note-taker in any client meetings. Caption.Ed allows you to add instant and accurate live captions to meetings and get a customisable transcript of your session afterward. 

Plus, there are many other positive outcomes to consider: 

  • More meaningful interactions and active participation during meetings
  • Saved time and resources
  • Fast and flexible access via mobile app and desktop 
  • Easy formatting and highlighting of key points and information

How Does Caption.Ed Support Better Client Meetings? 

There are many benefits to using Caption.Ed in client meetings. So let’s get into the details of what these are. 

You won’t Need to Ask Someone to Take Minutes 

Caption.Ed removes the burden of jotting down meeting notes by generating accurate captions in real-time. So you won’t need to ask someone to take notes. Your transcript is viewable post-session, and can be exported to share with colleagues too.

Caption.Ed integrates with many other apps– from Zoom to Microsoft Teams–and does the work of note-taking for you. But it can also handle in-person meetings since it recognises spoken words via its mobile app and desktop. This takes away the need for someone to take accurate meeting minutes and track every topic and word.  

Helps Neurodivergent Attendees to Focus Better

Neurodivergent people can find certain tasks more exhausting than their neurotypical peers. And concentrating on different voices while taking meeting minutes is one. When exposed to different sensory inputs, neurodivergent individuals can feel overwhelmed. And when this happens they can disengage from conversations. 

You may not know if your clients or staff have a neurodivergent condition. Studies suggest 75% of people engage in ‘masking’ where they hide their differences for fear of stigmatisation. So, when there’s too much information–or too many voices and ideas–individuals who do have ASD, ADHD, or Dyslexia may struggle to stay on top of the discussion. 

By clarifying spoken words using real-time captioning, Caption.Ed solves this problem. It’s simple and easy to set up. And it will generate accurate meeting notes in a transcript for delegates to clarify any points they may have missed. Users can also scroll back through live captions during the meeting.   

Reduces the Risk of Misunderstandings

Caption.Ed’s assistive technology meets an astonishing 3% word error rate. This was the lowest rate when tested against competitor products – at 4% and 12%. And with high levels of accuracy in live captioning and transcriptions come lower levels of misunderstanding and misinterpretation. 

Accuracy in our captioning can solve many problems. Plus, Caption.Ed will keep all transcripts in a post-session library, which are available for users to edit and add more notes to. This gives everyone the chance to review their discussion. You can use it to verify any issues or objections, review any timestamped notes, and highlight key points using the formatting feature. 

Supports Multilingual Captioning

You may need to engage with non-native-English-speaking clients in your working life. And if so, Caption.Ed is the perfect way to address your multilingual needs. 

Caption.Ed supports live captioning in 47 different languages including French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Welsh. And adding captions can help to overcome language barriers while also boosting comprehension and understanding

Inclusive for People Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

It’s projected that by 2050 over 2.5 billion people will have some degree of hearing loss. But using Caption.Ed for all your client meetings can avoid the risk of excluding people who experience this problem. 

Caption.Ed’s accurate and reliable captioning technology allows people to understand what you’re saying in an instant. And this can apply to both remote and in-person meetings, where background noises, distractions, or interruptions can sometimes hinder communication. 

Connects to Remote and In-Person Meetings

You may host teleconferences or remote meetings over Zoom, or with similar online meeting technology. And while some of these providers offer captioning, the captions aren’t always accurate or reliable. Neither can they capture an accurate transcript for users to refer to after a session.

Caption.Ed overcomes this lack of continuity by giving everyone reliable and editable captions along with accurate transcripts. Plus, users can add notes as they go. And this is becoming more popular and normalised in public settings, with 1 in 3 people saying they add captions to the videos they watch in public settings. 

Offers Better Opportunities for Active Engagement

Adding captions to recorded or live streamed video allows an audience to decipher any nuances or variations in accents or dialects. And with as many as 80% of people adding subtitling or captions to their daily streaming experiences, it’s becoming a popular thing to do. 

Adding Caption.Ed to your meetings offers the same approach to subtitling movies and streaming services. As a captioning tool, it can help to overcome any difficulties in understanding accents or potential differences in English pronunciation. 

Choose Caption.Ed to get Better Outcomes from your Team Meetings

Adding Caption.Ed to your in-person and teleconference client meetings can overcome many problems. For instance, new business meetings can sometimes be a step into the unknown with variations in English pronunciation or undisclosed neurodivergence. But the accuracy of our captioning software and note-taking feature resolves this.

But you can also overcome the burden of taking notes by letting our assistive technology do the work for you. By doing so, you’ll relieve the worry and overwhelm that staff or clients can feel when they need to capture notes while engaging in conversation, discussion, and ideation.

Contact us now to find out how you can subscribe to Caption.Ed for all your note-taking needs. 

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