How to Use Caption.Ed for Exam Revision

A male student sat at his desk with headphones on, in front of his laptop revising for his exams

Exam revision. 

Just reading those words is enough to make anyone shudder. But it’s for good reason, since the exam season is one of the most important periods in a student’s life. And Universities and Colleges should do everything they can to help their students get the results they deserve.  

And this is exactly where Caption.Ed will help. Because it has so many helpful features, Caption.Ed makes exam revision easier. And it can take a good amount of stress out of exam prep too. 

So, to help them on their way, students can see Caption.Ed as a trusty steed to ride out their exams on. And to be there to rely on in times of need. 

But how can it help? We’ve outlined all the steps in this blog post.

Record lectures

Having a library of recorded lectures or seminars to refer back to is the ideal way to revise for an exam. This way, students will benefit from re-watching and recalling information again and again. 

So it’s perfect that Caption.Ed enables students to record lectures, seminars and presentations and save them to their desktops. Plus, referring back to previous modules makes it easier for students to recognise any important points they may have missed, forgotten or overlooked. 

Caption.Ed works with most VLEs including Blackboard, Panopto, Echo360 and Moodle. And students can use it to record live, real-time lectures. Plus, they can customise the Caption.Ed interface to suit their audio or visual preferences.  

How to Record Using Caption.Ed

Students can simply open up their desktop application and follow the on-screen instructions. There they will find options to: 

  • Record screen and audio, or only audio
  • Capture only computer audio or include microphone audio too (great for in-person learning)
  • Select a subject language. Up to 12 different languages are available, making it particularly good for ESOL learners.

Edit and Download Transcripts

Studies show that adding captions to recordings supports information recall. But it can also increase memory by as much as 10%. 

So while Caption.Ed allows students to record lectures, it will also produce captions and save a copy of transcript. Since watching accurate transcriptions and listening to their audio is shown to deepen understanding, students will have a huge advantage during exams. But they’ll also be able to better remember what they’ve learnt. 

Plus, since Caption.Ed’s transcripts are editable, users can make changes at any time.

Add Notes As You Go

The best part about Caption.Ed is that users can annotate notes in real-time, during a live session. And there are huge benefits to cognition from note-taking during live presentations. 

Having a set of notes to refer back to also makes exam revision much easier. Caption.Ed lets you highlight important facts and add diagrams as GIFs or images. It also lets you upload additional material, such as presentation slides, to any of your Caption.Ed sessions.

A further benefit is timestamping. And this is where students can skip straight to a particular part of the recordings. This way, when students revisit their transcripts, they’ll be able to find the information they need much quicker by searching for key phrases within their transcript. And when it comes to saving time and being efficient during exam revision, this is one of Caption.Ed’s best features.  

What’s more, Caption.Ed lets users add or edit notes later on. So, when students go back over recordings, they can also add in any relevant and important notes to help or enhance their studies.

Get Help with Complex Terminology

During their studies, many students battle to decode and understand complex terminology. In particular, those who study medicine or science may find the level of terminology and subject-specific language overwhelming. 

And this is where Caption.Ed is perfect. Because of the level of accuracy behind our real-time captioning, students get the chance to read on screen what their professors or lecturers are saying. And with the risk of misunderstanding, or nuances in dialect or accent, Caption.Ed gives students a second chance to understand a word by having it written on the screen. And if they’re in any doubt of its meaning, they can then look up the word to discover more.

Customer Story: "Caption.Ed has completely changed the way I am able to learn"

Record Group Work Sessions

While Caption.Ed helps students to ace their note-taking and revision, how does it impact group work?  

Well, along with recording live lectures and seminars, it can also record and transcribe video call software. So if your students are planning on meeting up via Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet, they can track these too. 

And when students take notes against their transcripts, or even copy over sections of the transcript into their own notes section, they’ll save loads or time when it comes to exam revision.

Help Your Students to Get the Results They Deserve with Caption.Ed

Caption.Ed lets students and staff add highly accurate, real-time captions to all live presentations and recordings. And it makes up an essential part of e-learning for many universities, such as the University of Roehampton, London

When you provide your students with access to Caption.Ed, you’re empowering them to take advantage of all the features of recording, captioning and note-taking the software has to offer. Ideally, they’ll start using Caption.Ed throughout their studies and be well prepared ahead of exam season.

To discover how Caption.Ed works, you can sign up for a free trial here.

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