Introducing Caption.Ed Bundles for the Disabled Students’ Allowance

A young female in headphones sitting at a desk and using a microphone and laptop.

Get ready for an exciting announcement: Caption.Ed now offers bundle packages for students receiving Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA)! 

There are two bundles currently on offer: the Caption.Ed Notes Bundle and the Caption.Ed Pro Bundle. Both bundles have been created to allow students to record and capture high-quality audio on the go. But what’s actually included in each bundle? Let’s explore below.

What’s Included?

  • The Caption.Ed Notes Bundle includes Caption.Ed Notes, a directional microphone which can be plugged into a mobile device/laptop, and a portable power bank.
  • The Caption.Ed Pro Bundle includes Caption.Ed Pro (live captioning as well as note-taking), a directional microphone which can be plugged into a mobile device/laptop, and a portable power bank.

Both bundles are suitable for users of Windows, Mac, and mobile devices with dedicated apps for each platform. The purpose of the directional microphone is to increase the quality of the audio recording and therefore optimise the conditions for better captioning. 

The microphone (pictured below) is equipped with a stand which can be placed on the student’s desk and can be rotated to ensure the best audio coverage. The portable power bank prevents the student’s mobile device from running out of battery when used to caption or record in-person sessions for extended periods. Although the microphone enhances the audio quality, it is still best practice for the student to sit closer to the lecturer/speaker to ensure optimal audio quality.

A mobile device using Caption.Ed next to the portable power bank and microphone.

Recommending an Adapter

The microphone plugs into a jack socket on the student’s mobile device or laptop. If a student’s mobile phone doesn’t have this socket, the assessor can recommend an adapter separately. The type of adapter required will depend on the model of the phone. For example, most Apple iPhone users will need a Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter. For Android users, this might be a USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter.

Who Are the Bundles for?

The bundles are currently available for students in receipt of the DSA and can be recommended by assessors through the DSA E-Quote Service for students funded by Student Finance England and Student Finance Wales.

Got a question? Reach out to our friendly customer support team to learn more about the new Caption.Ed bundles.

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