Caption.Ed’s Live Chat Feature

A photo of Rich who is sitting down with his laptop and wearing a headset, smiling.

Big news: Caption.Ed released a new Live Chat feature last month to support all users!

Why have we introduced a live chat feature?

Our Customer Support team wanted to simplify the process for users reaching out for assistance and make support more accessible. Not only does the new feature mean we can resolve queries more quickly and reduce waiting times, but it means we can provide UK-based support exactly when users require it.

Where to access the Live Chat feature

You can access the live chat feature from the Caption.Ed Helpdesk. A little widget on the left-hand side will pop up automatically when you visit the page. Simply click to expand the widget and type in the textbox to begin your chat, and a member of our lovely Customer Support Team (Belle or Joe) will reach out within the next few minutes.

When is Live Chat available?

The Live Chat feature is available from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday (not including bank holidays).

A video of the Live Chat feature which can be accessed from the Caption.Ed Helpdesk.

Where else can I access support?

In our Caption.Ed Helpdesk we have a selection of handy guides to help you make the most out of your Caption.Ed account, including:

1. Getting Started With Caption.Ed

2. Captioning a Face-to-face Meeting or Lecture, and 

3. Captioning a Virtual Meeting

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