New: Format Your Notes in Caption.Ed!

An image which shows the Caption.Ed Notes Formatting interface on a black mobile, which a user is holding, and a silver laptop sitting on a desk.

This month, Caption.Ed has unveiled an exciting new feature: you can now format your notes within Caption.Ed’s Notes Editor.

Designed to boost comprehension of the content you capture in Caption.Ed, you can now:

  • Add headings to your notes
  • Create bulleted lists
  • Italicise text
  • Make text bold
  • Underline text

You can also:

  • Format your notes in real time
  • Export your notes while preserving all the formatting and structure

As well as being able to format your notes in real time, you can also go back and add formatting after your session. This is perfect for those that prefer to focus on the task at hand and organise their notes at their own pace. 

For the desktop users, we’ve made it even more convenient for you format your notes – just use keyboard shortcuts!

And that’s not all – to improve the clarity and organisation of your content, we’ve also made it easier to distinguish which notes have been copied directly from your transcript and which notes you’ve added yourself. Using Caption.Ed to capture and comprehend information has never been simpler!

Notes formatting is available to all Mac and Windows users. So, why wait? Dive right into Caption.Ed and experience the new functionality for yourself!

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