Tech4Good Awards + Caption.Ed

Thank you for considering Caption.Ed for the Tech4Good Awards. We’ve tried to put some information together to support our submission and provide you with a fuller view of what Caption.Ed can do and how we help our users overcome the obstacles they face each day.

Getting Caption.Ed Out There

Ed’s been working hard to get Caption.Ed out there to our users, collating feedback and working with our products team to develop Caption.Ed further.

We’d love you to join our improving access for HE students  who are deaf or  have a hearing loss event on the 27th May 2021 that Ed mentioned. Please find details here

The Technology Behind Caption.Ed

Our CTO, Tom will take you through some of the tech that we use behind the scenes with Caption.Ed.

Why should Caption.Ed win?

Thank you for taking the time to consider Caption.Ed for the Tech4Good Awards. Caption.Ed is making a huge difference for our users and we feel would make a worthy winner. Chris talks you through our thinking…

We can’t wait to hear from you 🙂

Rich, Tom, Chris, Ed and the whole team