Using Caption.Ed for in-person captioning

Using Caption.Ed for in-person captioning, Caption.Ed

When people think of captioning, they typically conjure up an image in their head of online captions. You know the sort: auto-generated text appearing alongside YouTube videos or at the bottom of Zoom calls. But did you know you can use Caption.Ed to generate captions for in-person conversations? 

When would you use Caption.Ed for in-person captioning?

Picture the situation: you’ve turned up to a crowded lecture hall, positioned yourself in the front row and need to use captioning to get a better understanding of what your lecturer is saying.

All you need to do is open your laptop, bring up the Caption.Ed desktop app and, with a few bits of set-up which we’ll get into below, you can start generating live captions for your in-person lecture instantly. How awesome is that?!

You could even use Caption.Ed in other face-to-face situations such as a 1:1 with a tutor or even just to dictate notes into the app using your own voice.

How do you set up Caption.Ed for in-person captioning? 

All you need is access to a good quality audio input device. Depending on the context, this could be a Bluetooth lapel mic (ask your lecturer if they don’t mind wearing one) or your laptop microphone if you want to use Caption.Ed for 1:1s (you could even use a USB microphone for super high-quality audio input).

Once you have set up your audio device, simply open up the Caption.Ed desktop application, make sure your external audio input device is selected, and start your session! 

Don’t forget to do all you can to reduce background noise as the better the sound quality, the more accurate the captions. Captioning quality is also determined by a few factors such as clarity of speech, the proximity of sound to the audio device and equipment quality.

Need extra help with Caption.Ed?

If you’re after some more help with using Caption.Ed for face-to-face captioning, head on over to the Help Centre where you’ll get more tips for configuring your Caption.Ed setup.