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Caption.Ed hailed as a “godsend” by workplace user

Emma Wheeler Counsellor & Psychotherapist

A photo of Emma Wheeler, who has long blonde hair and wears glasses.

Emma is a counsellor, psychotherapist, and specialist support mentor who works with students studying at University. Emma has been deaf since birth and uses Caption.Ed to support her in-person and online counselling sessions with clients.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Emma had to transition to providing online therapy to students. As someone who was reliant on lip reading in face-to-face conversations, moving to virtual sessions was a real challenge for Emma.

Glitchy Zoom calls and poor quality internet connection made it ten times harder for her to do her job. She often had to ask clients to repeat themselves in order to ensure that she wouldn’t miss key parts of their conversation.

When Emma was shown the capabilities of Caption.Ed and how it could positively impact her work and personal life, she broke down into tears because “it felt like I was able to get back into the room with the client again”. Caption.Ed made those virtual interactions more accessible to Emma.

A photo of Emma Wheeler, who has long blonde hair and wears glasses.
Caption.Ed has enhanced my life and 100% increased my productivity. You don't have any idea how much of a difference this has made to me.
Emma Wheeler

Alongside captioning, Emma also relies on Caption.Ed for its note-taking functionality. She frequently adds in her own notes alongside the transcript of a session after it has been recorded.

“Caption.Ed not only allows me to generate live captions (which I can scroll back over if there’s something I’ve missed), it also produces a transcript which I can revisit and go over at a later date. And, if one of my clients says something on a call that I think is important, I can quickly tag it as that and come back to it later. All of this means that I can give my full attention to the other person and rest safe in the knowledge that I won’t miss any key details.”

Before Caption.Ed, Emma would have to frantically scribble down notes and split her attention between the screen and her notepad which meant that she wasn’t absorbing information fully or making meaningful notes.

By using Caption.Ed, Emma can now confidently keep up with the content of her conversations with clients and not have to worry about forgetting any essential information. This is because Caption.Ed enables users to capture every detail of an interaction and important points can be flagged as such at the click of a button. Emma says that Caption.Ed has enhanced her life and it brings the best of her ability to her students and clients. We’re pleased to hear it!

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