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Making online meetings more accessible with Caption.Ed

Gabrielle Wright Team Lead at Smart Insights

Photo of Gabrielle Wright, she has long brown hair and is wearing a red top and coat with a fluffy hood. She is stood outside with greenery surrounding her and is smiling at the camera.

Gabrielle Wright is a Digital Marketing Team Lead at Smart Insights, a digital marketing training platform headquartered in Leeds. She is also a member of the Deaf community.

At Smart Insights, Gabrielle hosts regular meetings with internal teams, colleagues, and external partners. Since spending more time working from home, Gabrielle noticed increased fatigue from struggling to hear others during online meetings. And, although she does have some degree of hearing, Gabrielle felt exhausted by the strain of listening to every word and sentence. And she knew she needed some support.

Gabrielle discovered Caption.Ed after applying to the government’s Access to Work scheme. Assessors recommended Caption.Ed software to help her gain clarity over conversations and improve her concentration using live captioning and downloadable transcripts. And, after downloading the software, Gabrielle gained immediate benefits and recommends others speak with an Access-to-Work assessor to find out how Caption.Ed could help them too.

I was finding myself getting a bit fatigued. It would get to lunchtime and I'd be thinking ‘I'm just so exhausted. There must be an easier way of doing this.’ I was having to strain to hear. But now, because I've got the captions, I don't need to worry about missing a particular word or a particular sentence because I know that I've got it all backed up anyway.

Gabrielle improved the quality of workplace meetings for all participants

Gabrielle found major improvements to her energy levels from using Caption.Ed. The real-time, accurate captioning lessened her daily exhaustion from struggling to hear words and sentences. But it also clarified spoken words and improved Gabrielle’s understanding of the context of each meeting. Knowing she could refer back to downloadable transcripts also made her feel more relaxed and focused which improved her performance and contribution in each meeting.

Thanks to adding Caption.Ed software, Gabrielle has reduced her emotional worries and levels of physical strain from missing words and sentences. She’s also found Caption.Ed software is diverse and easy to use, saving her time with written transcripts which she can share with colleagues after meetings. She’s also enthusiastic about the interactive features that enable her to highlight the more salient points from each meeting and produce a mini-summary she can share.

Using Caption.Ed allows me to relax and get into the meeting a bit more. I can concentrate more on the context of the meeting and really think about those conversations in a deeper way because the barrier, the challenge of hearing the words, is less. So I can apply my thought to what's actually going on in the meeting instead.

Caption.Ed improves meeting clarity, saves time, and boosts productivity

Gabrielle was struggling to hear words and sentences during daily meetings and felt exhausted by the extra strain. After contacting Access-to-Work, advisers recommended Caption.Ed to boost clarity, save time, and increase productivity.

Knowing live captions would improve clarity and boost her understanding of the context of each meeting, Gabrielle became more relaxed. She also found benefits from sharing transcriptions with meeting attendees since Caption.Ed offers interactive features like highlighting key information, which has saved her the time she would’ve spent following up.

Caption.Ed solved Gabrielle’s immediate problems by increasing her clarity and focus. But it also saved her time and increased her productivity by offering shareable transcripts and meeting summaries.

Gabrielle recommends anyone who needs help to improve their performance during meetings speak to Access-to-Work assessors about Caption.Ed. She’s benefited in many ways including saving time, improving focus, and increasing her performance during workplace meetings.

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