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Using Caption.Ed to boost recall, reduce anxiety, and increase productivity

David Edwards Assistive Technology Trainer

Assistive Technology Trainer, David Edwards

David Edwards is a freelance assistive technology trainer with over 16 years of experience. He’s trained over 2,000 people on more than 50 different types of AT software including Caption.Ed. David has dyslexia and dyspraxia himself so finds it easy to establish a rapport with his clients.  

David recommends Caption.Ed to his clients but also uses it himself. He knows the impact it can have on people with neurodivergence, especially individuals with short-term memory challenges. Neurodivergent people can experience higher levels of stress and anxiety when trying to recall pertinent information. And this can be even more difficult when engaged in meetings, lectures, seminars, or other events that feature complex terminology or overstimulating experiences.  

Caption.Ed is a product I wish had been available when I was at University 30 years ago. It’s just fantastic.

Caption.Ed can help overcome short-term memory problems and reduce anxiety

By offering fast and accurate note-taking capabilities along with full transcriptions, David sees the focused impact Caption.Ed has for boosting memory recall and reducing anxiety. When neurodivergent users know they can rely on accurate captioning and notes they experience reduced levels of anxiety and stress. Making video recordings and full transcriptions available also lets users go back to specific sections of their meetings, lectures, or seminars. David finds this reduces levels of anxiety and stress since users know they can rely on an accurate set of notes. 

With Caption.Ed doing much of the work to capture information, neurodivergent users are free to immerse themselves in meetings, lectures, and seminars in real-time. And they can expect more positive outcomes from their meetings knowing they won’t be missing out on key information.


Easy and accurate notetaking saves time and boosts productivity

David is very impressed with Caption.Ed’s accuracy. He sees how the software picks up complex words with ease. And this, combined with the ease of use with note-taking and access to full transcriptions and recordings, saves users huge amounts of time. They don’t need to rely on short-term memory for information. And such a degree of reliability means Caption.Ed users can reduce any extra time they may spend checking over notes or worrying if they’re using relevant information.

I would definitely recommend Caption.Ed for increased productivity, easier note-taking, and more accurate note-taking.

Caption.Ed saves time and offers accurate and reliable features that reduces worries and tackles challenges around short-term memory recall. This can be a key challenge for neurodivergent people. But by relieving this burden, Caption.Ed supports a more timely and reliable delivery of meeting notes, reports, and educational assignments that leads to better outcomes for all users. 

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