Caption.Ed: Note-Taking Support for Neurodivergent Students through the DSA

28th September 14.00 - 14.45

Caption.Ed is assisting thousands of neurodivergent students in the DSA. Eager to learn how? Then join Elza's free webinar, where she'll delve into Caption.Ed's live captioning and note-taking functionalities.

A young male student, sitting at a desk with his laptop, smiling as he types into the keyboard.

What to expect

Join Elza in this free webinar, where she will uncover the benefits of Caption.Ed and how its new note-taking functionality can support students who are neurodivergent in higher education. You will also:

  • Learn all about Caption.Ed's new note-taking functionality
  • Watch Caption.Ed in action
  • Leave with a free licence key so you can try Caption.Ed for yourself