Caption.Ed Notes and ADHD

27th June 14.00 - 14.45

Delve into Caption.Ed Notes and it's latest functionalities. Designed to boost comprehension and understanding, notes formatting is a game-changer in education!

A young male student who is wearing headphones and sitting in a library with his laptop.

What to expect

We’ve just launched a brand new Caption.Ed Notes version!

In honour of this huge and exciting launch, I’m hosting the first-ever series of webinars focusing on how the newest developments to Caption.Ed Notes cater to the diverse learning needs of students that come through the Disabled Students’ Allowance for support. Pick the topics that interest you most, and join me on one of these monthly webinars (or join all of them; the more, the merrier!)

  • Learn about all the new updates in a live demonstration
  • A chance to ask questions and provide feedback based on your experience and expertise
  • Tailored discussion around specific learning needs