Caption.Ed Webinar: Live Captioning and Note-Taking for the DSA

2nd November 11.00 - 12.00

Uncover how Caption.Ed is assisting thousands of students in the DSA, helping them to become more independent in their studies and unlock their full potential.

A photo of Elza on a webinar, wearing headphones and a cream top.

What to expect

Join Elza in this free webinar to learn all about the latest developments with Caption.Ed. In the session, Elza will dive into Caption.Ed's live captioning and note-taking features, including the new notes formatting functionality, and how they assist DSA students. You will also:

  • Watch a live demo of Caption.Ed
  • Discover Caption.Ed's latest product features, including the new notes formatting functionality
  • Leave with a free licence key so you can try Caption.Ed for yourself